Pre-Med Students Readjust Concentration Choices | Harvard Crimson

Setting aside the sanctimonious undertones [1], this article raises an interesting question—will the changes to the MCAT and premed requirements mean more diversity in terms of major for med school applicants? I think it may have a minor impact. The bulk of the MCAT still remains focused on traditional ‘hard’ sciences and most students will still be counseled to choose such a major [2]. Major shifts will require cultural shifts within medicine itself and med school curricula.

[via Wing of Zock]

  1. “While other schools are struggling to figure out which classes provide which competencies, we’re good…It’s what is known colloquially as people skills."  ↩

  2. I don’t mean by premed counselors at undergraduate schools, but rather current physicians and medical professionals who often serve as informal mentors/advisors for med school hopefuls. I would hope that university-based premed counselors do a rigorous job discussing with students the option to choose a non-science major.  ↩