Twitter buzz about papers does not mean citations later | Nature

The title of this article should be updated to include ‘…for now’. Despite the number of active participants we see in our own online circles, the use of Twitter among academics is still relatively novel. Among my professional colleagues [1], I would estimate less than %10 actively participate online and even less than that use it as a professional tool [2]. Among my medical school classmates, use is muuuucch higher, but again, students are largely not using it as a professional tool and certainly not using it to keep up-to-date on the latest research. In the near future, this will change—more and more academics will become active on social networks and a greater percentage of their use will be for professional purposes.

  1. That is, more senior colleagues that I research with and those working as attendings.  ↩

  2. As opposed to using social media to keep up with friends and family or interacting with other for purely recreational purposes.  ↩