A Google Glass App That Would Be Hard for Even the Haters to Hate | recode

Or he could've just asked one of a dozen people in the room with him (i.e.—nurses, technicians, therapists, residents, med students, etc) to look at the record for him...

More importantly, anecdotal evidence, while compelling, is...anecdotal.

Also note, the Google Glass being used at BIDMC is not stock:

Wearable Intelligence strips and replaces the Google Glass software with a reformatted version of Android, so it can be locked down for specific uses and specific contexts. Doctors don’t have the option to tweet photos of patients, check their Facebook, or even take the device off the hospital Wi-Fi network. Google’s on-board speech recognition technology is replaced with a more specialized medical dictionary from Nuance.

More cost, more complexity to complete a rather inane task.