A Surgeon's Review of Google Glass in the Operating Room | Fast Company

A cardiothoracic surgeon at UCSF has been trialing Google Glass in the operating room for the past three months.

Kathy Chin Leong:

His conclusion so far: the technology is indeed useful in the operating room as an adjunct device in delivering necessary information, but it still has miles to go as a product…

He also found that Glass is weak in responding to voice commands. As a result, Theodore placed a technician in the operating room to keep things running smoothly. The technician would transmit up to a dozen X-rays to him during the procedure…The X-rays in Glass were sometimes hard to see–they look best in low ambient light, just as a movie is best viewed in a darkened movie theater. But he couldn’t dim the lights during surgery, so the tech would enlarge the images as needed.

For a product that relies almost exclusively on voice commands, that’s a bit of a problem. Miles to go indeed…